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One-stop Science

Experiments with a Lemon, a Ruler, a Torch, Water

It's amazing how many experiments you can do with four simple objects, including making a battery and bending light!

Franklin Watts, 2011

Experiments with a Lemon (One-Stop Science)

White Wolves

Inventions that Changed the World

Read the biographies of some of the most famous inventors and find out how they got their big ideas.

A&C Black, 2010

Inventors That Changed the World: Age 10-11, Average Readers (White Wolves Non Fiction)


Headline Issues

• Animals Under Threat • Climate Change • Energy for the Future • Getting Rid of Waste

These books look at important issues and reports on them through several different news stories.

Heinemann Library, 2009




• Alien Neighbours?

• The Day the Sun Went Out

• The Life and Times of a Drop of Water


These books look at different aspects of science from an exciting and unexpected point of view.

Raintree, 2006

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