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Eyewitness Disasters

• Hurricanes • Storms

Eye-witness accounts bring to life how scary it is to be caught in the middle of a disaster.

Franklin Watts, 2010


Nuclear Accident

This book tells the stories of the worst nuclear accidents in history and how the emergency services managed to deal with them.

Franklin Watts, 2011


How Can We Save Our World?


• Sustainable Cities

• Sustainable Energy

Cities and traditional ways of generating electricity are using up the Earth's resources. these books look at ways of doing things differently.

Franklin Watts, 2009


Sustainable Cities (How Can We Save Our World?)

Solve It With Science

Gun Crimes

Forensic scientists use technology and ingenuity to help solve crimes. Real-life stories show how scientists identified several notorious gunmen.

Franklin Watts, 2009
Gun Crimes (Solve It With Science)

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