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Science Corner

• Light and Dark
• Electricity
• Push and Pull
• Sound and Hearing

When I write for young children I have to think hard about every word. I'm really pleased with these books.

Popcorn, Wayland 2010


My Body

• Why do I run?

• Why do I brush my teeth?

• Why do I sleep?

• Why do I wash my hands?

These books are fun and tell you how to look after your body and keep fit and healthy.

QED, 2009

Why Do I Run?

All About Materials

• Does it soak up water?

• Does it stay warm?


Which materials are waterproof and which are good at keeping you warm? These books explore the answers.

Franklin Watts, 2009

Does it Soak Up Water?: All About Absorbent and Waterproof Materials (All About Materials)


How’s Your Health?


• Allergies • Asthma • Colds, Flu and other infections • Cuts, Bruises and Breaks • Nits and Head Lice • Tooth Decay

These books include activities and tell you how to deal with nasty things like nits.

Franklin Watts, 2006

Health pic

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