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How Are Things Made?


• Bicycle • Book • Chocolate • Football • Pencil

The materials used to make these things come from countries far apart. It’s amazing how many everyday things are also manufactured thousands of miles away.

Heinemann Library, 2005


My World of Science


• Materials • Conductors and Insulators • Forces and Motion
• Hot and Cold • Water
• Heavy and Light • Magnets

You can learn a lot of science from everyday objects. this series was republished in 2008 and has 21 titles - too many to list them all!


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The Big Picture



What is it like to live in space, where everything floats including you? I use this book as the basis of a workshop for younger children.

A&C Black, 2010

  Materials tell you about wood, paper, glass, plastic and other materials, and shows you how people use them.

Water is extraordinary. It seems ordinary but, we could not live without it. this book tells you lots of things about water, including why you can float.

Young Explorer, Heinemann Library

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